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About us

Lactrade is the international dairy trading company founded to fill in the gap in the market between the users and the producers across the globe. We provide buyers with the the right products, and suppliers with stable relaible purchase.

Makret knowledge

Providing you with market intelligence so you can focus on your core business


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Who we are

We are a team of experienced dairy commodity traders getting together to help you grow your business

We add value
through proper risk managment, logistic services and tailored product protfolio

Butter and other fats

Available in industrial formats of 20/25kg blocks as well as in retail package of 150/200/250/500gr. Both fresh or frozen.


Available in formats of Euroblocks 15kg, 3kg loafs, sliced or as shredded cheese.

Dairy powders

Available in 25kg bags or in Big Bags. Smaller formats avialble as an individual order

Liquid dairy

Sold in 25MT tanker trucks

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